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Take a look at what some of my patients have said about their experiences with the treatment.

Girl Running in Field at Sunset

"Sonia supported me in navigating through challenging symptoms in her highly dedicated and caring ways, she was paying plenty of attention to how I was feeling and was frequently monitoring changes caused by the treatment to ensure it was going in the direction of recovery. I would definitely recommend Sonia as a  professional homeopath and a kind, determined person who would not rest until the positive solution has been found to any challenge"

Enjoying the Nature

"Before I took the pill my head wasn't ok, I was depressed, very down and with a panic attack, since I took the pill everything changed, I changed. My disposition and mood changed, I'm positive in a good mood and even though what happening I'm doing things and more proactive".

Portrait with Olive Branch

“Sonia, was great to make herself available to talk and discuss my symptoms, calm me down and be spot on in recommending Bryonia to help with my lost sense of smell and dry throat. I strongly recommend homeopathy and Sonia is a great homeopath”.

Mother and Daughter

“I was impressed by the positive effects of Homeopathy after experiencing the benefits of my health. I first used Homeopathic remedies during the summer while I was struggling to sleep due to the changes this current pandemic brought us. Since then, I have used it for other reasons and has helped me a lot. Also, my daughter has seen the positive effects of the remedies. Highly recommended. Sonia, it's a wonderful Homeopath - she listens and goes deeply into the problem”.


"Last night our Dachshund had a swelling in her mouth and I was afraid it would get worse. She had probably either eaten a Bumblebee or chewed on something bad. I gave her some remedies but then I got a bit unsure so I used Homeopathy247 acute care offer. I am so glad I did. Sonia and I connected through Zoom and  she looked at our dog, talked to me and offered me some ease and insights. I gave our dog Apis and she slept through the night. This morning she was still a bit swollen and could not even open her mouth properly, so I gave her another dose of Apis and right after she yawned several times, got up and went to the door. She has since been her old self again. 
I so appreciate Sonias help, she was so calm and helpful and kind. It was easy to use the Homeopathy247 platform to connect, to make the payment and to connect via Zoom. 
I recommend Sonia to anyone needing help. It is such a gift to have a Homeopath close in times of acutes and for chronic issues."
Shanti Stina Eriksson and Chili the Dachshund. Sweden May 2021

Please note that these statements are not to imply that a particular remedy can cure a specific medical condition.

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