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Homemade Remedies

You are here to heal

What should I expect from my first full consultation?

In your first consultation my aim will be to assess your state of health. It might take up to 90 minutes. We will be starting by disscussing the complaints that brought you to my consultation.  The idea is to discover the unique way a complaint is experienced by you at all levels physical, mental and emotional.
During the conversation I will be asking you to explain in great detail the symptoms that you experience and how they affect you. I will be asking different questions that might seem irrelevant for you but they are important in order to individualize your prescription. A detailed medical history of your health and your family medical history, your personality traits, idiosyncrasies, past and present life stresses and grieves and your reaction to them will be taken into account. Sleep patterns, dreams, response to weather, food prefences and hobbies will offer important and individualized clues in order to find the best remedy for you.
Consultations are confidential.

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

You don't need to prepare for a consultation. The only thing you need to do is book it and just relax and trust the process. It is just a conversation, there aren't right or wrong answers. Consultations are about you, your symptoms and how you experience them. My job as a Homeopath is to facilitate the conversation and give a safe, private and relaxing space in which you can heal. I am not here to judge or make diagnoses. I do not treat named diseases but the individuals suffering from symptoms that may have or have not a name. Homeopathic treatment acknowledges that your symptoms and the language of unbalance or dis-ease. There are our indications where your inner healing abilities are trying to rebalance or return. Homeopathic remedies and the treatment will support your innate healing ability or defence mechanism.  Sometimes a  questionnaire will be sent by email before or after our first consultation.

While filling in the questionnaire you get an idea of how complete and important everything about you is in order to individualize your treatment.

It will give us more time and flexibility during your consultation to discuss in great detail the things that are worrying you the most.

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