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Homeopathic Consultations

Healing from within

Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help. That’s where my services come in. As an experienced Classical Homeopath, my aim is to support your healing to restore your inner balance.

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

First Consultation

£130 $180 150€
New clients with chronic conditions first assessment. Online consultation.
If you are unsure of what you need or you need more information before booking please start by booking a free exploratory mini-consult.

Bottles of Homeopathic Pills

Homeopathic Follow up

£85 $110 100€
Existing Patients only

Homeopathic Medicine

Acute Consultation

£50 $65 60€
15 mins of Acute complaints treatment.
I will encourage you to buy a homoeopathic kit of remedies from the homoeopathic pharmacies to have at hand for acute treatment.

Video Call

Free 15mins exploratory video call

Free 15 mins exploratory video call online. During this free discovery intro call, answer your questions about Homeopathy and the treatment. I will give you an overview of what is involved in the treatment. We will have the opportunity to taste how is it working together.

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